How to register for a team and agree to a fundraising minimum (commitment)

So you're ready to register for an event and agree to a fundraising minimum commitment, but how?

  1. Locate the event on CrowdRise that you are preparing to register for
  2. Click the REGISTER button
  3. Now you may need to log into your CrowdRise account or register for one if you are a new user
  4. Continue following the prompts to register and pay for entry to your selected event
  5. Once this is complete, your personal Team page will be created

6. A lightbox will appear on the screen asking you to agree to a Fundraising Commitment; click AGREE* and you should be ready to finish personalizing your campaign


If you don't raise the amount agreed upon by the date set in the fundraising agreement, your credit card will be charged for the difference, so make that fundraiser super compelling and share it as much as possible.

*You'll need to make sure that the credit card you're using has a limit at least as high as the fundraising minimum, or that the debit card has enough funds available to cover the full commitment amount. A hold will be placed on your card until the fundraising deadline passes.

Each event is unique and these steps may vary slightly. If you have questions or need help getting set up please Contact Us.


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