What is a CrowdRise Charity Challenge?

CrowdRise Challenges are friendly fundraising competitions designed to help organizations of all sizes to gain awareness, recognition, and most importantly, resources in the form of donations. Not only do charities compete to win grand prizes and weekly cash prizes, but by reaching out to supporters and getting exposure from the Challenge sponsor you’re able to create an amazing moment to rally your community in an exciting and engaging campaign.

CrowdRise provides all the tools necessary for a turn-key campaign for your organization. We provide a Toolkit which contains email drafts, social posts, graphics, and tips to make your involvement in the Challenge as efficient, fun and effective as possible. Also, by using CrowdRise’s team functionality you can turn those passionate contributors into fundraisers which will expand your reach and increase donations.

Read more about Challenges and how to make them work for your charity on our Blog.


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