What does CrowdRise cost for Non-Profit Organizations?

It's free to start as many fundraising campaigns and events as you want. CrowdRise collects a transaction fee (based on the pricing plan you choose) plus our payment processor charges standard credit card fees.  


We've created a radically cost-efficient pricing model that allows your donors to cover all the fees (including credit card fees) at checkout, and over 93% of donors do.  It's a small ask of your supporters but it adds up to very meaningful dollars for your organization.  


The American Red Cross, UNICEF, March of Dimes, USO, American Cancer Society, plus thousands of small and medium-sized nonprofits are benefiting from CrowdRise’s unique pricing model.  As of today, we are delivering an average effective rate of under 2%.  That includes credit card fees.  Said another way, more than $98 out of every $100 raised is going to the cause. That’s by far the best effective rate in the entire crowdfunding world.


We do have a variety of pricing plans designed specifically with nonprofits in mind. Choose from our Starter plan with no monthly fees and a 6% transaction fee. Or, if you're looking for more, we also offer Premium and Enterprise plans which deliver transaction fees at 3% or lower as well as more features and services (like custom branded URLs). To learn more about all of the pricing plans we offer, please Click Here.


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