My card keeps getting rejected. Why?

We use WePay and Network for Good to process donations.  Both are PCI Level 1 Compliant (that's the best) so your credit card information is secure. However, there are various reasons your donation may be rejected. 

The most common reason cards are rejected is incorrect billing info. Triple check that the billing info you're entering matches the billing info associated with the card. If this is definitely correct, here are a few other possibilities...

  • Your bank could be blocking the donation because they don't recognize the charge. Simply reaching out to them to confirm the donation is legitimate should do the trick if this is the problem.
  • The donation may be of an unusually large amount or placed from outside of the credit card's registered billing zip code, triggering a fraud alert. 
  • Your browser could have a plug-in or setting that is prohibiting the page from loading properly. Try opening an alternative browser and see if that helps.

We definitely want you to keep trying to get that donation through, but please note that rapid, repeated donation attempts will trigger a fraud review by our payment processors' security teams. Try to give it some time before attempting again.

Please don't give up and Email Us if you're still having trouble. We'll help you troubleshoot further.



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