How do I promote my fundraiser by email?

Email is still the most effective way to get your friends to support your cause. Email them two or three times if you have to. Be relentless. It's for a good cause.   Here's what we recommend:

Use your own email program.  Sending email from whatever email program you use every day is the best way to make sure your email gets delivered and opened.

Send in small batches. Send an initial email to everyone you can possibly think of, from close friends and family to ex-girlfriends and your dentist. Make sure to email them either individually or in a small group of people so they don't feel anonymous. Write a personal message asking them to donate to your cause and be sure to include a link directly to your fundraising page that's high up in your email so they don't need to scroll down to find the link. 

Thank your donor fast. When you get a donation, you'll receive a donation notification. You can click on the THANK YOUR DONOR button on this notification and instantly thank your donor.  We recommend thanking your donor as quickly as humanly possible.  Make it personal (even if you copy and paste the same personal message over and over) and definitely make sure to do one thing -- ask them to go one step further and share a link to your fundraising page with a few of their friends.  

Do it again. You'll have plenty of people on your email list that don't read your first email or read it but forget about it.  You should take it personally.  Not really though.  Everyone gets so many emails that the key is to be relentless.  It's ok to email people up to three times to get them to donate.  With each email, create a greater sense or urgency and tell them you really need their help to hit your fundraising goal. If you need help crafting your messages or just want us to spell check them, we're here for you.


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