How do I promote my fundraiser on social networks?

Email is still the most effective way to get your network of friends and supporters to donate.  The second best way is to use Facebook direct messages.  It's time consuming to send a direct message on Facebook but it's so worth it and we highly recommend it.  If you send a lot of emails and direct messages on Facebook, you'll drive the traffic to your page that you need to hit your fundraising goal.

The other ways to promote your campaign is to go to the MANAGE CAMPAIGN tab on your fundraising page and click any of the social icons in the Ask For Donations section.  You can post to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google+.  Be sure to include a link to your fundraising page and ask your network of friends to help you hit your fundraising goal.   The more personal you make the ask (don't write a novel unless you are actually working on a novel), the more effective it will be.

We'll notify you whenever you get a donation.  Be sure to thank every donor as quickly as possible. It goes such a long way.  And in your thank you, ask them to go a step further and share a link to your fundraising page with a few of your friends. 

Be relentless.  It's for a good cause.   


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