How do I set up a fundraiser on CrowdRise?

STEP 1: SET UP YOUR CROWDRISE PROFILE Your CrowdRise Profile is the home for your charitable life and on it, you'll be able to see all of your completed and active fundraising campaigns, the total you've raised for all your causes as well as the amount of CrowdRise Impact Points you've earned. To sign up, all you have to do is Go Here and in less time than it takes to say 'I ate four pounds of squash today', you'll be all set. If you already have a CrowdRise Profile, you can go ahead and skip this step.

STEP 2: CREATE A FUNDRAISER To set up your fundraiser, just Go Here and follow the quick steps to raise money for over 1.5 million different charities (the money goes directly to charity). Make sure to personalize your fundraising page with a compelling video, story and pics. For some decent tips, please Click Here.


STEP 3: SHARE YOUR FUNDRAISER Email a link to your fundraising page to everyone you know. Email still works the best and you'll want to make sure you email each supporter individually or in small groups so they don't feel anonymous. Post about your fundraiser on your social networks as well as direct message from those platforms. Ask everyone you know to donate to your cause. Ask two or three times. It's for a good cause. And if someone doesn't support your cause, we'd recommend not getting ‘em a birthday present this year. 


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