How do I set up my charity on CrowdRise?

The fastest way to get going is to scroll to the bottom of the site and under the Non-Profit Organizers section, select "Non-Profit Sign Up". Search for your charity by name, keywords or Tax ID (the easiest way is to search by your Tax ID (EIN).

On the next page, you'll fill out your contact information and then choose your pricing plan. To learn more about pricing, check it out Here.

In order to protect your charity's privacy and security, we'll need to verify your involvement with the charity before giving you full access to the charity account. If you claim with your official charity email address, this will make the verification process so much faster. If not, we'll contact your charity via the contact info we find on the Charity's website or GuideStar/CanadaHelps.

Once we verify you, we'll give you a super secret Pin Number which you'll use to complete the Charity Sign Up process. This is needed if you want to have access to your charity donor report as well as when you need to set up banking information and choose between your preferred payment/withdrawal processor.

All of this can be done in about 2 minutes and then your charity can start your own fundraising campaigns or events, and start turning your grassroots supporters into grassroots fundraisers.

 Please Contact us with all questions. We can't say this enough -- we are here to give you the most amazing customer service in the whole world.


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