What's the difference between an individual fundraiser and an event page?

An individual fundraiser is the most common way to raise money on CrowdRise. Examples of when you want to create an individual fundraiser are if you're participating in an event like a marathon and want your own fundraising page, if you're giving up your birthday for charity, if you're doing a tribute fundraiser, or even a charitable wedding fundraiser. An example of an individual fundraiser is Shave It, Save It or Do Something Creative.

To find out everything you need to know about starting a fundraiser, please Go Here or Email Us and we'll dig in and solve.

An event page is an organized event that involves a bunch of participants and gives them a way to fundraise for one or many causes. For example, if you're putting together an event like a marathon, a walk-a-thon or a bowl-a-thon and you have lots of teams or individuals raising money for a single cause or many causes, you'll want to start an event page. Examples of events are the TCS New York City MarathonYoung Life Africa Camps and Scrabble for Cheaters.

Events will have an event organizer who is in charge of putting on the entire event. If you're an event organizer, please Go Here to find out more or, if you have any questions related to events, please Email Us and we'll be ready to dig in.




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