What is a CrowdRise Event?

CrowdRise is the leader in Event Fundraising. The Boston Marathon, New York Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Ironman Race Series and thousands of other events choose CrowdRise for their event fundraising.

Set up as many teams as you want. Invite participants to create their own teams, join an existing team or join as an individual. Your event participants will all have their own fundraising page to raise money for the cause(s) your event is supporting.

Events on CrowdRise cost nothing to create and come with the finest, most innovative features including team leaderboards, indivdidual leaderboards, gamification, ideas for creative incentives and contests, optional Registration, simple reports and tons of other innovative features so you can effectively manage your event, engage your participants and raise more money than ever.

You'll also get the best customer service in the world from a full team led by eventgirl@crowdrise.com. Examples of events are the TCS New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon. If you have any questions about how to start an Event, please email EventGirl


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