Photo tips and troubleshooting

Please ensure that the file is in any of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, gif or png. Make sure that the extension isn't saved as uppercase letters - our uploader can be a little sensitive sometimes. The bigger your photo, the longer it will take to upload but it should only take between 3 seconds and 1 minute to upload. 

Here are the ideal dimensions for all photo upload options on CrowdRise:

Campaign Photo: 375x375 (legacy campaign layout) or 900x600 pixels (new ONEcampaign layout)
Charity Profile Banner Image: 1000x350 pixels
Event Banner: 745x291 pixels

We don't know what a pixel is but any reputable photo editing software will.


Why does my photo look stretched out?

Just make sure that any photo you upload is at least 300x900 pixels (that just means you don't want to use really small photos or they won't look as good). Also, your photo may have been originally cropped and then uploaded to the site.

Please ensure that you upload the original photo (uncropped) and you may have the ability to crop it through the CrowdRise picture upload system.

Why is my photo facing the wrong direction?

Make sure your photo is facing the right direction before you upload it. Mac computers will automatically turn your photo the correct direction on your computer, but it isn't really saved that way. Even if it looks right on your computer, you should open the photo software on your computer to double check that your photo is actually facing the right direction, and then save it. Then upload it to CrowdRise and all will be perfect.

If you have any trouble getting your pic uploaded, Email Us with the photo and the URL of the fundraiser where you'd like the photo uploaded and we'll take care of it.


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