How do I remove a fundraising page?

You can delete your own Fundraiser if you haven't raised any money yet and no team members have joined your cause. Use the DELETE FUNDRAISER button within the ADVANCED SETTINGS menu of the EDIT FUNDRAISER tab.

If you already raised lots of money, but you don't want your fundraiser to display on your Profile or CrowdRise search results, you can hide the fundraiser. To make it happen, while on your Profile page, scroll down to your Fundraisers to find the Fundraiser you wish to hide, then click the HIDE FUNDRAISER link within the Fundraiser thumbnail.

Hiding a fundraiser from your profile will prevent it from appearing in our search listings and you can prevent your supporters from following the link to it by altering the page's URL through your EDIT FUNDRAISER menu.

EVENT PAGES need to be removed by our Team so if you've got an event you'd like removed or if you're unable to locate that DELETE FUNDRAISER button, Contact Us and we'll help take care of everything.


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