Why won't my donation go through?

We use WePay and Network for Good to process donations.  Both are PCI Level 1 Compliant (that's the best) so your credit card information is secure. However, there are various reasons why your donation may be rejected.

The most common reason cards are rejected is incorrect billing info. Triple check that the billing info you're entering matches the billing info associated with the card.

If your address and zip code are absolutely correct, here are some other possibilities...

  1. Your bank could be blocking the donation because they don't recognize the charge. This is especially true when the donation amount is large or when you are donating from outside of your billing zip code. Simply reaching out to your bank to confirm the donation is legitimate should do the trick if this is the problem.

  2. If you’ve downloaded or enabled some browser plug-in's or set up your browser settings a certain way, that can also prohibit pages from loading or links from opening up on some websites. In this case, you should open an alternative browser and complete the donation. We recommend using the most up-to-date version of either Google Chrome or Firefox. You can download Firefox or Chrome.

  3. If number one or two do not work, the next troubleshooting option would be to try donating from a different computer on a different internet connection. If you’re able to donate from a different computer, we know that the issue is definitely unique and has to do with your computer settings or could even be a firewall setting if you’re trying to donate from a workplace or other shared public network.

We definitely want you to keep trying to get that donation through, but please note that rapid, repeated donation attempts will trigger a fraud review by our payment processors' security teams. Try to give it some time before attempting again.

If you are still having trouble making your donation please Contact Us and we will continue to troubleshoot.


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