Why won't my donation go through?

To minimize fraudulent transactions, our payment processors choose to decline the authorization on charges where the address, zip code, or card security code does not match the info on file with the issuing bank. Most people make an error when entering their billing address so you should probably check that one first. 

If your address and zip code are absolutely correct, here are some other possibilities...

1. The issue may be resulting from a poor internet connection, which is causing the page not to fully load. If there is another location you can try to donate from, that may solve it. One great way to test out your internet connection is to go to YouTube and try playing a video. If your computer is having trouble loading the video, you're probably running on a slow connection.

2. If you’ve downloaded or enabled some browser plug-in's or set up your browser settings in certain way, that can also prohibit pages from loading or links from opening up on some websites. In this case, you should open an alternative browser and complete the donation. If you don't have another browser, you can download FireFox by clicking Here.

3. If number one or two do not work, the very last troubleshooting option would be to try donating from a different computer on a different internet connection. If you’re able to donate from a different computer, we know that the issue is definitely unique and has to do with your computer settings or could even be a Firewall setting if you’re trying to donate from a workplace or other community network.


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