How do I create an event?

If you don't already have a CrowdRise account, Sign Up for either a Personal Account (if you're a human person) or a Charity Account (if you work for a charitable organization). After you login or sign up, click here and you'll see a button in the lower right to Create a Fundraising Event. Enter your event details and 27 seconds later, your event page will be ready to go. From there, you can add Teams on your own or invite participants to come and Set Up a Fundraiser.

Participants can join as an individual, start a new team, or join an existing team. At the end of the super quick process, each participant will have their own personal fundraising page as part of your Event. We'll give you the greatest service the world. The biggest events in the country (New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Ironman Race Series) and thousands of medium and smaller size events all use CrowdRise.   


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