How do I select which charity to raise money for on my event?

Your event can benefit either a US-based 501c3 charity or Canadian nonprofit on CrowdRise. If you're trying to select a charity to raise money for and you can't find 'em, the best thing to do is figure out the exact name of the charity or, even better, find out their Tax ID (EIN) or BRN to search.

When you create your Event, you can require teams to raise money for a single, specific charity or you can allow teams to fundraise for multiple charities.

Allowing teams to fundraise for multiple charities or the charity of their choice is the default setting.

To require all teams to raise money for the same charity...

First, you'll want to confirm that you have selected your benefiting charity and that no other teams have been created to benefit any additional charities. The following steps will not be enabled if more than one charity has already been selected. Contact Us if you find that this has happened and you need help.

  1. Log In to your CrowdRise account and navigate to your Event
  2. Click the EDIT EVENT tab
  3. Open the ADVANCED SETTINGS dropdown toward the bottom of the page
  4. Check the “Require all Event Teams to fundraise for a Single Charity” box and then click the SAVE button


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