Can you give me some tips for writing a thank you note to my supporters?

Thanking your donors is so, so important. It was actually named 3rd most important thing to do when managing a fundraiser by someone's mom who works here.

  1. Thank 'em so super fast. The quicker the better. Use the "Thank You" button in each donation notification you receive to compose an email to show your appreciation, or write your own old-school paper note and drop it in the mail. Either way, do it fast.
  2. Make sure to let them know what their donation means to you and your cause. If you can make it tangible, that's even better. For example, 'Your donation of $25 will provide meals to 4 needy children'.
  3. Give them an update using the Campaign Update Tool and let them know that they are a part of it all. For example, 'I'm halfway to my goal of raising $2000 and it's because of donors like you that I'm able to raise so much money for my cause.



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