Can you give me some tips for writing a thank you note to my supporters?

For sure. Thanking your donors is so, so important. It was actually named 3rd most important thing to do when managing a fundraiser by someone's mom who works here. 

  •  Thank 'em so super fast. The quicker the better. Use our Thank You Tool when you're logged into CrowdRise, email 'em yourself or write your own old-school paper note. Either way, do it fast.
  • Make sure to let them know what their donation means to you and your cause. If you can make it tangible, that's even better. For example, 'Your donation of $25 will provide meals to 4 needy children'.
  • Give them an update on your fundraiser and let them know that they are a part of it all. For example, 'I'm halfway to my goal of raising $2000 and it's because of donors like you that I'm able to raise so much money for my cause.



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