I claimed my charity. What are the best next steps?

Great question and, we've got a mess of best next steps for you. Here we go...

* Customize your charity profile page. Make sure you post a compelling story that is super reflective of your mission. Add a logo, lots of great photos and a video if at all possible. Here's a great example of a charity that's crushing it.

* Start a fundraiser. Click the ‘Fundraise for Your Charity' button to create a fundraising campaign for your cause. In less than a minute you'll have a campaign set up and can start raising lots of money for your cause.

* Make your cause tangible. Making your fundraiser tangible by suggesting donation amounts to your supporters that will lead to real life results really works. It's fair to say that small donors want to buy something that they can tell their friends about instead of just giving to operational funds. Ex: "$25 will provide coats and shelter to 5 homeless people."

* Spread the word. Reach out to all of your supporters, friends and family and encourage them to give. Email drives donations way, way, way better then social media, and typically, the more people you can email, the more money you’ll raise for your charity. Social media is great for driving awareness, but email is way better for raising money.

* Direct message. Again, email is king, but direct messaging on Facebook and Twitter works well too.

* Recruit fundraisers. When you reach out to your supporters, make sure to also ask 'em to fundraise for your cause. A $25 donor is great, but a $250 fundraiser is a game changer. Imagine the reach you'll have when your board, supporters, friends and family reach out to their networks. And, it's so easy. All they have to do is click the "Fundraise for This Campaign" button on your page and in less than two minutes, they’ll have their own fundraiser set up and can start raising money for your cause. 

* Offer incentives. Prizes encourage your friends and family to give and they also work really, really well. And, we've got lots of 'em you can use. Please Go Here to check them all out. 

* Get the widget.  A widget allows you to seamlessly get donations without ever having to leave your charity's website. To upload the Widget to your own site, just log in to your account and go to your fundraising page. Click on the Edit Fundraiser tab and select My Fundraiser Widget on the right. Copy and paste the code into your website html. If you don't know how to do that, just send the code to your web person and they'll know what to do with it. Or Email Us and we’ll be able to help solve everything.

 * Get your board involved. Your board is your most passionate group of supporters. Make sure to get them involved. Encourage them to become a fundraiser for your cause and have 'em reach out to their network. They love your cause so they should want to help. If for some reason they can't fundraise for your cause, ask 'em directly for a big donation. Again, they should want to help.

 * Thank you thank you thank you.  Thank your supporters immediately after each donation and make them feel super appreciated. Be so good at thanking them that they are compelled to share your message with their own friends and family.


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