How does my non-profit integrate with Salesforce?

Our Salesforce app is free and awesome.  It imports donation data and contacts from your CrowdRise account into your Salesforce account. The CrowdRise data that’s imported is mapped into the Contact, Opportunity/Donation, Campaign, and CampaignMember objects in Salesforce. Also, you can setup daily import jobs so that the data is automatically imported. It’s that simple. 

Our App is compatible with Salesforce Enterprise Edition organizations that have NPSP (Nonprofit Starter Pack) 2.0 or 3.0 installed, as well as NGO Connect.  Household Model support coming soon.
Here’s an installation link to our Salesforce app:
It’s a self-service model, but of course, email us anytime at with any questions or feedback. Here’s our documentation with an overview of the app, installation and configuration instructions:


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