Are the charities vetted and is CrowdRise safe?

CrowdRise is a technology platform that lets charities and individuals raise money for charitable causes.  We never touch the cash.  CrowdRise and its payment processing partners, have Trust & Safety teams, and while our mean lawyers won't let us guarantee anything, we've worked hard to develop a set of procedures to create a safe and secure crowdfunding platform and donor experience. 
All US-based charities on CrowdRise are verified charities in good standing with the IRS, based on the information we receive from Guidestar, a company that specializes in telling platforms like CrowdRise that a charity is in good standing with the IRS.  All Canadian-based charities on CrowdRise are verified charities in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency. 
For individuals that are raising funds for a charitable organization, the funds go directly to that nonprofit (as opposed to going through the individual raising the funds).  Individual fundraisers need to create an account, agree to the CrowdRise Terms of Use, which includes getting permission from the charity to create a campaign that benefits that charity.  The charity can have us take down the campaign at any point.  Once the campaign is created and the benefiting charity is selected from the Guidestar database (the database we use to make sure the charity is in good standing with the IRS), the money goes directly from the donor to the charity.  Neither the individual raising funds nor CrowdRise ever touch the cash.  Only Network for Good or the charity have access to the cash. 
For charities that are raising money for their own organization, they can create a campaign and by default, the funds go directly from the donor to Network for Good, a donor advised fund registered in all 50 states.   The charity needs to agree to our Terms of Use.  They also need to be a charity listed in the Guidestar database, which is our way of making sure charities are in good standing with the IRS.  Or a Canadian charity in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency.  CrowdRise has an internal system of fraud controls, along with fraud controls and Trust & Safety teams at Network for Good and at WePay.  CrowdRise never touches the cash so it goes directly from the donor to the charity.  
Funds raised for non-profit organizations are dispersed in an efficient and safe way.  When charities choose to have their donations processed through Network for Good, a check is sent to the address on file with the IRS every 30 days.  It includes the donations from the previous month.  Network for Good is a donor advised fund registered in all 50 states.  Network for Good has its own Trust & Safety team.  If the charity chooses to use WePay to process its donations, they go through a fraud detection system at CrowdRise, a fraud detection system at WePay, and the WePay Trust & Safety team.  All of this is to help protect the donor.   CrowdRise, Network for Good, and WePay are all PCI Compliant.  
In times of natural disaster or crisis, CrowdRise may take additional steps to help ensure the safety of donors.  We may post additional messaging, remove campaigns until they explain where funds will go, or any other measures we deem necessary to help protect the donor and the beneficiaries.  We may work with government agencies, including Offices of the State Attorney General, to make sure the donor and the beneficiary are as protected as possible, and to help make sure the funds go where the campaign says they are going to go. Again, our mean lawyers won't let us guarantee anything so be sure to use your judgment and we recommend you donate to organizations and people you know and trust.  
We believe in the power of the crowd to make positive social impact, and we will continue to work closely with our charity partners, our payment processors and regulators to make online fundraising efficient, effective, and safe.  
We want to know about any Campaign Organizer that is engaged in misrepresentations or what you believe to be fraudulent conduct.  If you need to report a campaign you believe is misrepresenting itself or fraudulent, please visit this link here


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