How do I use the Campaign Update Tool?

Updating your supporters on your campaign is key to raising more money. It keeps them engaged, allows you to customize your asks, and definitely provides more communication throughout your campaign. And, we've found that those organizations that post campaign updates raise 3x more and have 4x as many repeat donors.

Some quick instructions on how to post an update with our Campaign Update Tool...

  1. Log into your CrowdRise account Here and select the campaign you want to customize
  2. Head to your DASHBOARD and scroll down until you see the "Post Update" text editor
  3. Fill out the subject and body of your update then click "Preview"
  4. A lightbox will appear so you can view what your supporters will receive
  5. Either click "Publish" if it's ready to send, or click the X in the upper right corner to continue editing

A few more quick notes... 

  • Your CrowdRise campaign update will post to your fundraiser to be viewed by all visitors to your page
  • Your update will also automatically be emailed to all of your current donors
  • You won't be able to edit your update after it's been posted so make sure to proofread
  • Your donors can opt out of receiving your future campaign updates by following the link at the bottom of the campaign update email


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