What is Facebook Verified?

It is not required that you connect a Facebook account in order to create a CrowdRise campaign. 

Connecting your Facebook account to CrowdRise allows you to become 'Facebook Verified'.  This is not an endorsement from Facebook or anything remotely close to that.  It simply means your campaign is connected to a Facebook account.  And don't worry, it does not automatically post anything to your Facebook page. You have total control over what gets posted to your Facebook account.

However, becoming Facebook Verified is a way to help your campaign be more successful. Sharing your campaign on Facebook is one of the best ways to get your family and friends and their friends to find your campaign and donate.  

Also, we do require that your Account be connected to Facebook to be called "Facebook Verified" and in order to show up in Explore Causes, where the public can discover campaigns. Facebook Verified is not a guarantee that a campaign is legit, but it's a tool that donors can use to judge whether they know and trust the campaign.  We will be able to show your photo, name and number of friends.

We recommend you connect your campaign to Facebook and become "Facebook Verified" in an effort to always be as transparent as possible.  For more information on how to create a transparent campaign, go here.



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