What are the top 5 reasons my organization should use CrowdRise?

There are so many more than 5 but here are some of our favorites...

1. We believe cost-free fundraising is a reality. We provide all donors the option to cover your transaction fees as well as credit card fees. On average, 93% of donors choose to cover the fees. That means the majority of our nonprofit partners are ending up close to or achieving cost-free fundraising.

Additionally, we have a variety of pricing plans designed specifically with nonprofits in mind. Choose from our Starter plan with no up-front subscription fees and a 6% transaction fee. Or, if you're looking for more, we also offer Premium and Enterprise plans which deliver transaction fees at 3% or lower as well as more features and services (like custom branded URLs). To learn more about all of the pricing plans we offer, please Click Here.

2. Event Registration: CrowdRise is the leading Event Fundraising platform in the world.  CrowdRise offers its own Event Fundraising & Registration solution, and we’ve also created an eco-system of event partners that allow non-profits to easily combine our leading fundraising platform with tools and services from the world’s finest event registration, management, and marketing solution.

3. Salesforce & CRM Integration: No matter what CRM you use, we make it easy and fast to take all the donor data you own on CrowdRise and integrate with the CRM of choice. And if you use Salesforce, our new Salesforce app makes integration easier than ever before.

4. Donate & Community Crowdfunding: CrowdRise and its team of data scientists and UX experts created the most effective, cost-efficient Donate Button for your website.  Pair it with our modern Fundraise Button to attract new, young supporters, increase loyalty and add incremental revenue.

5. The Best Customer Service: At CrowdRise, we're part of your team. We can help you run successful and compelling campaigns including marketing and promotional support, best practices as well as hand holding if that’s what you’re in to.


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